The potential launch date for COVE 2.0 has now been pushed back to Wednesday, November 9th, 2011. This is now the earliest the new PBS Video portal and COVE Admin Tool could  go live.

We have also been notified that at launch there will be an increase in publishing time for producers who continue to publish through the Legacy COVE Admin. This is because the Legacy system communicates with the new API-powered portal in a new manner that requires caching for optimum performance.

When COVE 2.0 launches producers may experience publishing times of up to 80 minutes. That is the maximum amount of time it could take from the point at which you click the "Publish" button to the time when your video is available in the portal and the Partner Player. That 80-minute maximum will only occur if you publish immediately after the cache has cleared. Most producers will publish sometime in between cache refreshes and will thus experience much shorter publishing times.

The caches have been set so that only the most reliable version of the products (portal and Admin Tool) are pushed to production. Immediately following launch though our developers will begin to work to reduce those cache times. This means in the weeks following the launch you will likely experience a reduction in that maximum window of 80 minutes.

Our goal is to get the publishing time as low as possible but that will depend on how the system performs. Because some caching will always be required it is unlikely that the Legacy COVE Admin Tool will return to its current 5-10 minute publishing time.

Publishing in the new COVE Admin Tool will be extremely fast. That system will have the 5-minute publishing we currently enjoy today as well as significantly shorter times for updating stacks and program page. Most importantly you will be able to access your videos' metadata in mere seconds in the new COVE Admin Tool instead of the 15+ minutes some producers currently struggle with.

We know that this is going to be a resource burden to our producers which is why we will be moving as quickly as possible after launch to migrate you into the new COVE Admin Tool. We appreciate your patience and collaboration as we work to get everybody on-boarded and realizing the efficiencies of the new system.

Please keep your eye on this blog for all the latest updates on the COVE 2.0 launch and as always don't hesitate to contact your program manager if you have any questions or concerns.