Video publishing in COVE is currently experiencing some issues which are preventing published videos from being available. 

Any videos published after 11:10am today are currently not available for playback. 

Our producers have also been unable to access the metadata form for these assets in the COVE Admin Tool.

It appears that all videos published prior to 11:10am are working properly and are accessible in the COVE Admin Tool.

We are working to correct the issue, and any video published after 11:10am should become available as soon as we repair the problem.

We apologize for this inconvenience and will post updates to this blog post as soon as we have them.

UPDATE at 6:15 pm on 10/4/11. The PBSi Operations Team says that publishing capabilities have been restored. Unfortunately the videos that were published earlier today before the fix went live are still not appearing in the front-end and producers still cannot access the metadata forms for those videos. We will continue to work on the issue and keep you updated via this blog post.

UPDATE at 10:45 am on 10/5/11. Video publishing in COVE remains unavailable. The fix that went in yesterday afternoon did not solve the issue. However our our operations team is now confident they have identified the core cause of the problem and are in the process of putting a fix into place.  Our current estimate is that the service will remain unavailable for the rest of the day. It is recommended that users abstain from video publishing while we complete the fixes.

It appears that videos that were published yesterday did show up in COVE players over night when the system cache reset.

Producers continue to report a related issue where the metadata form for their videos is showing up blank when they go in to edit it in the COVE Admin Tool. This is making it impossible for producer to make any metadata changes to their videos. We are looking into this issue as well. In the mean time rest assured that your video metadata is intact and remains in our database. For some reason it is just not appearing in the COVE Admin Tool.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact your program manager or Dan Haggerty ( if you have any questions or concerns.

UPDATE at 4:30pm on 10/5/11. We have made a number of changes that now allow for the publishing of video content. There is however an important caveat.  While you can create and publish, you can NOT edit any content that has been created.  So while you are now able to bring new content online, you should take great care as it's not possible to modify anything if you make a mistake with the metadata

UPDATE at 4:00pm on 10/5/11. COVE publishing has been completely restored. You should be able to submit new videos, publish them and edit their metadata.

All videos that were published during this outage should be working fine. If you have a video that is not playing, please check back tomorrow morning after the system cache has cleared  before reporting the issue (if not urgent).

We are seeing some intermittent issues where the COVE Admin Tool throws an error when you submit changes to an existing asset. Initial reports indicate this may be happening when a user attempts to ingest a .sami file (Close Captioning). This is very infrequent though and the changes you submit will go through no problem. Please report this issue in a JIRA ticket if it does happen to you.

UPDATE at 3:30pm on 10/7/11. Stack editing is not working in the COVE Admin Tool for new videos ingested this week. The system will allow the user to create the stack release, but the link to the video will be incorrect and fail when clicked on. 
Until this issue is fixed, it is recommended that you do not update any stacks. This is a fairly complex problem so a resolution is not expected until late next week.

We apologize for the additional inconvenience.

UPDATE at 4:15pm on 10/7/11. Through exceptional skill our products team has fixed the Stack editing issue in just half an hour. You should now be able to update your stacks and be confident that the links to the video will be correct.

Have a great holiday weekend!