At long last, PBS is ready to begin the process of rolling out the new global header and later global footer. 

All information about the header and footer, including design comps, sizes, features and implementation are available here:

To get started, we need to collect some metadata from you so we can customize your header to your preferred color choice and properly link your site-specific search.

The metadata we need from you is:

  • Color (blue, green, orange, magenta) – [Examples ]
  • Search URL
  • Search method (GET, POST)
  • Technical Contact Name/Email
  • Testing Environment URL
  • URL

To stay on track, we need this information no later than May 6, 2011.

Once the metadata has been collected, PBS will generate your header and provide you with code to test, and a schedule for pushing live. 

If you have any questions, please contact your program manager.


  1. Matt,

    Can you provide more details on the search information you are looking for? Is that just for sites that have their own localized search tool implemented? Is there an option of using the new PBS search tool (RAMP) for local site search?

    1. Hi Jon,

      The search information we're looking for is basically the method your producer site uses for its search. What we're doing is plugging your site search into the global header.With the information you provide we'll build custom header code for you that allows the user to search your producer site through the global header.

      We have not gotten a chance to "productize" the new RAMP-powered search so that producers can implement it on their sites. This is something that we would like to eventually get to but we're just not their right now.

      Does that help?

      -Dan Haggerty

  2. That does help. Thanks.