UPDATE: A short follow up maintenance is required to complete the upgrade preformed on Wednesday, Feb 16th. The second planned outage is scheduled for Thursday, Feb 17th from 5:30am - 6am.The outage will only affect applications that depend on the PBS internal (non-Amazon) master database.

UPDATE: The planned database maintenance for Feb. 9th has been postponed. The maintenance window is now planned for: Wednesday, Feb 16th, 3am - 5am 

PBSi is planning a necessary upgrade to its primary internal (non-cloud) database cluster, which will result in a planned outage for any systems that depend on the read/write databases servers (mysql1-private or mysqlhacoudmastervip).

We believe this upgrade is likely to impact legacy sites; however, the outage will be limited to 2 hours and take place between 3-5am on Wednesday February 9th (if you’re impacted at all).

If you have questions about whether you’ll be affected, please see your developer.


  1. Is there any documentation about which PBS services depend on the internal database server?

    In particular, I'm curious about Storyboard, UUA and USMI.

    This isn't an urgent question. If it can't be answered before the planned outage, I don't expect it to be a problem.

  2. Hi Peter. Great question.  

    We're going to look into this and follow-up just as soon as we know more.  You should receive more information before the new scheduled outage on the 16th. 

  3. Hi Peter,

    A second planned outage has been scheduled for early Thursday morning on 2/17 (details noted above). I wanted to follow-up on your questions so that you could monitor your tools during this next outage.

    Unfortunately, my answers are limited... our team will not be able to provide you with the level of detail that we originally hoped. What we do know is that a limited number of sites will be impacted--- mostly legacy sites operating on the PBS internal (non-Amazon) master database. There is no documentation readily available to identify which specific products and tools will be affected by the outage, but I have been told it will be minimal. 

    Please let us if you experience any complications during the outage, and we'll be sure to address them promptly.