Disqus has rolled out a major new revision to their product today that brings a lot of new features that I think you're really going to like. Through PBS' agreement with Disqus, you will continue to have full access to all of their newly announced premium services.

Highlights of this release:

  • Completely redesigned Dashboard - It's now easier to moderate and manage the settings on your site. This is especially handy as it is now easier to see what threads have already been viewed by a member of your team.
  • Analytics - As part of PBS' agreement with Disqus, your account received the Comment Analytics service last month, but it has now been officially released. From your Disqus Dashboard it is now possible to track volume of comments, users, and engagement across pages where you have comments installed. 
  • Custom Themes - It is now possible to tweak colors, spacing, terminology, and more to better integrate Disqus into the look an feel of your site. 

More detail about today's Disqus release can be found at: http://docs.disqus.com/help/42/ and http://blog.disqus.com/post/1601916020/new-disqus-v4

If you aren't already using Disqus to power commenting on your site, contact your Program Manager for more information.