PBS has updated its policies for promoting related products on producer sites. The updated requirements state:

All new and redesigned pbs.org sites with products available for purchase on ShopPBS must include:

  1. “Buy the DVD” or similar link in the site’s main navigation;
  2. A 300x60 ShopPBS module on the site’s homepage;
  3. Text links to “Buy the DVD” and “Download from iTunes” (or similar language) on the site’s Resources page, if one exists.

The ShopPBS module will be provided by your program manager. Producers are encouraged to consider more contextual calls to related products on ShopPBS, in addition to these requirements.

The new policy aims to streamline site production with a standard set of product promotion requirements, while also driving new revenue from increased product sales. If you have questions about the new policy, please post them below or reach out to your program manager.


  1. Does PBSshop (or iTunes) have an API where we can query the catalog for the presence of a product? It would be nice to have an automated way to remove context-specific links when the product is removed from the catalog.

    1. Ken Dykes AUTHOR

      Hi Peter,

      Great question – let me check with Shop and follow up.

  2. Ken Dykes AUTHOR

    Hi Peter – I spoke with the ShopPBS team, and currently they can't provide access to an API as you describe. They're investigating options for offering this in the future though.