Recently some producers were experiencing problems with their content not being available in the PBS Video portal when they thought it should be.

This issue was partially due to a couple of discrepancies in how the available time was set and used by COVE. Those discrepancies are now fixed and the system should behave as expected.

The two discrepancies were.

  1. When a producer chose "Immediately" as their "Available Time" in the COVE Admin Tool the system was setting that time to Pacific Daylight Time. So if a producer on the east coast set their content to be available "Immediately" it wouldn't be available for 3 hours. This has now been fixed so no matter what timezone a producer is in their content will be available immediately if they choose that setting. Please note that because an asset is "Available" does not mean it will show up in the PBS Video portal or the Partner player. (See this diagram for an explanation)
  2. If a producer chose to set their "Available Time" in advance the system prompts them to set it in Pacific Standard Time (PST). In the case of most producers on the east coast this meant that they just subtracted 3 hours. But because the U.S. is currently observing Daylight Savings time they should have subtracted 4 hours. This is because Pacific Standard Time is different from Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). Producers on the east coast are currently on Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) which is 4 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time and 3 hours ahead of Pacific Daylight time. Confusing. We know. The system now observes Daylight Savings Time meaning you will no longer have to worry about the difference between PDT and PST. Producers on the east coast will always be able to just subtract 3 hours for their available time. For more on how this works please see the "Setting an Available Time" section of the COVE Tips and Tricks page.

Aside from those discrepancies the other part of this issue was some confusion about how the COVE caches work when you set in advance an available time for a piece of content. Please see the "Setting an Available Time "section of the COVE Tips and Tricks page also for step-by-step directions on how to compensate for these caches. It is important to keep this information in mind when setting an available date.

Please contact your program manager or the Producer Products & Services COVE liaison, Dan Haggerty ( if you have any questions.