Thanks to your ongoing support and collaboration, we have now on-boarded over 60 different stations and producers into PBS’ new commenting service powered by Disqus. Some great examples from across the system include:

The number of users leaving comments, as well as the sheer volume of comments being left on PBS sites has risen dramatically since the adoption and move to Disqus began earlier this year. In the last 6-months alone, nearly 10,000 comments have been left on PBS station and producer web sites. Contrast that with the less than 4,000 comments left during all of 2009 – and we’re collectively doing a much better job at engaging with the users visiting our sites.

If you’re not already utilizing comments as a form of engagement on your web site, please contact your Program Manager who can help you formulate a plan and assist with getting Disqus up and running, and engaging your users.

Comments Now Mobile Friendly

We know lots of producers are thinking about, or are already working on mobile-friendly versions of your sites, and I’m excited to let you know that Disqus has just rolled out a major update to their service that allows users to view, post, and reply to comments on your site using mobile devices.

This week Disqus rolled out an exciting new theme designed to work on mobile web devices (namely Apple iOS and Android phones and tablets). Whenever a user visits your web site using a mobile device, comments will be properly formatted for optimal viewing on small screens.

No changes are required on your site to take advantage of this new theme. More information and the official announcement can be found on Disqus’ site at:

 Please let your Program Manager know if you have any questions or need ideas on ways to meet your engagement goals by utilizing PBS provided tools and services.