We’re happy to roll out several updates to our production requirements (the Web Policy Manual) and our product documentation to provide you with the latest requirements, specs and how-tos for pbs.org production.  Updates include:

  • New technical requirements to ensure sites are compatible with PBS’s infrastructure and tools while serving high levels of traffic, including information on server software and architecture, Amazon hosting, using the PBS CDN, Memcached, load testing and user authentication.
  • A downloadable visual guide to the updated sponsorship requirements, including the removal of a previous requirement that all partner player implementations include a 300x60 companion unit.
  • An overhaul of our video requirements in line with PBS’s COVE products.
  • The latest SWFObject, CDN and ActionScript requirements for Flash development.

You’ll also notice that the requirements have been grouped into more manageable sub-pages that aggregate policies by topic.  At the top of each page is a detailed summary of any recent changes.

Let us know if you have questions about the changes or the documentation available to help you meet these requirements.