PBS has made a commitment to the Arts and PBS Interactive is leading the charge.  Paula Kerger has formally announced that PBS will present the Arts to the American public in a dedicated and focused way while bringing the audience closer to the creative process  -- and we’re launching online first.  

The goal:  bolstering online arts content (broadcast and web-only) while inviting engagement, participation and learning.

PBS hopes to launch the on-air companion initiative in Fall of 2011.

In May, Paula will host a one-hour general session at the annual meeting to update the system on the Arts Initiative and illustrate how incremental funds can create unique and engaging online content.   

In the months following May, we’ll build the foundation for a destination site on PBS.org that aims to highlight front row-style performance programming, as well as backstage access to artists and their creative process.  The site will also have master class style moments that inspire viewers to get involved with the arts themselves.  The online Arts Initiative team is small, but we have big plans.  

We’ll need your help and your ideas to create a rich online experience that brings the Arts to any computer in America. I'll be in touch this summer with more information and ways to get involved.