The most recent version of COVE (Release 18.4) went live earlier this week.  Here are the most important features of this release you need to know about.

Chapter Bar above Timeline

The chapter bar has now been moved above the player controls in the COVE video player. This change is reflected in all COVE products including the PBS Video portal and Partner Player. This feature allows the video player to now be a uniform height and more easily integrated into new and existing tools.

Check your Partner Player implementations!

Because of the new position of the chapter bar there may be extra space in your implementations of the COVE Partner Player. This will only occur if your Partner Player implementation has chapters with it.

Please check all implementations of the Partner Player on your website.

If you see extra space (see red box in image above) below your video you will need to change the height dimensions for your player. To accomplish this just go into the player's code you embedded on your site and subtract 40 pixels from the "height" dimensions.

The number you will need to subtract 40 from is bolded in the sample code below.

<iframe id="partnerPlayer" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" style="width:512px; height:328px;" src=""></iframe>

New Image Generator

A new feature you will notice in the COVE Admin Tool is highlighted here in red.
Because this new feature has many details to it I will cover it in a separate blog post early next week. Just know for now that this new feature is optional and is not required for you to successfully ingest your content into COVE.

Additional performance improvements and general bug fixes were also made for this release.

Please let your program manager know if you have any questions or experience any issues with this new release.

-Dan Haggerty


  1. Any chance that the placement of the chapter thumbnails above vs. below the timeline could be a choice for the producers via a setting in the embed code?

    (maybe instead of chapterbar=true|false you could have chapterbar=above|below|off )

    I'm concerned about captions and lower thirds being further obscured.

    1. Dan Haggerty AUTHOR

      Hi Molly,

      There are plans to better integrate the player controls into the COVE video player in upcoming releases. Things such as better action and hiding of controls upon mouse roll-over. These upgrades should make the controls less obtrusive.

      I can definitely add your feature request to our list though and work to get it added to the COVE roadmap if these upcoming enhancements don't meet your needs.


      -Dan Haggerty