We’ve heard some feedback from producers about how the new PBS.org global header and media bar/footer will complement individual program sites. These three elements have been designed to add consistency across all PBS sites and to allow our users to continue to explore PBS content.

We believe that the design and labels used in these elements will provide a distinction between the program’s content and the PBS content. However, we recognize that producers may want to tweak their own designs to best incorporate these elements. As such, we have made the .PSD files available below to any producer who would like to mock the new elements on their existing sites. (Please note, these designs may still change slightly, but the sizes and colors will not change.)

  File Modified
ZIP Archive PBSdotORG_Header_Footer.zip Mar 18, 2010 by Jonathan Coffman
PNG File pbs_producer_hat_FINAL.png Mar 18, 2010 by Jonathan Coffman