Update originally posted February 5, 2010.

It has been a little while since we gave you a status report on Project Merlin and the PBS.org redesign, and I’m sure everyone is eager to hear how things are going.

PBS contracted with a vendor to help create both the look and feel of the redesigned PBS.org (more info\) as well as the back-end development of the Merlin database. This development included both the database itself and the Administrative system for manual entry of metadata into Merlin.

Upon delivery of the final code, PBS concluded that the Merlin database and Administrative system needed further improvements before opening up the system to PBS producers, and our development team is currently working on these upgrades.

Unfortunately, this new work has delayed the timeframe for training and on-boarding producers into Merlin. We now anticipate this process kicking off this Spring.

As part of our effort to keep producers in the loop, I’d encourage you to comment on this post with any questions you may have about Project Merlin. I will then copy the questions and answer them in the body of the post – sort of an impromptu Q&A.

[You can use your PBS JIRA account to log in – if you don’t have a JIRA account or you aren’t sure what your credentials are, contact your program manager.]