PBS Interactive held its first ever Product Summit at PBS Headquarters in Crystal City Virginia on Tuesday, November 10. Twenty producers representing a diverse collection of shows attended the meeting to hear more about PBSi’s goals, objectives, organizational structure and products lines. Attendees received an in-depth view of PBSi’s priority products: Video/COVE, Social Media, Project Merlin and Search.  We also discussed the future of API’s for PBS and leveraging the “cloud” for site hosting. 

While the turnout was beyond our expectations, we know many of you were not able to attend due to budget constraints. Since we think this information is critical for all of you as you develop sites for PBS.org, we plan to make video of the event available. In the meantime, check out the meeting agenda and the entire presentation.


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ZIP Archive November 2009 Product Summit Slides.zip Mar 18, 2010 by Jonathan Coffman

Below, are videos from some of the product presentations. To view the videos, please enter "exchange" as the password.

PBS Video: Josh Kinburg and Mary Hope Garcia

Social Media: Jonathan Coffman and Betty Alvarez

American Experience: Molly Jacobs

Project Merlin: Andrew Courtney and Matt Schoch

Search: Kris Crosby and Matt Schoch


  1. Comment from Jaime Danielson:


    I can't seem to download the pdf file.  My computer says the file is damaged.

    - Jaime


  2. Comment from Ken Dykes:

    Thanks for letting us know, Jaime.  There seems to be a bug that causes an error when some users download PDF attachments.  We've filed a ticket for its resolution, and in the meantime I uploaded the slides as a .zip file.  The link in Jayme's post above has been updated to reference it.  Please try that and let me know if you still can't access the file.