What is Membership Vault?

Membership Vault (MVault) is a membership registry system that enables stations to provide conditional access to premium PBS digital features. It allows stations to manage the relationships between its members and online offers and acts as a gatekeeper for online digital services. Stations can determine thumbs-up or thumbs-down access per member for every digital service. For example, a service like membership video on demand (Passport) will query MVault to determine if a viewer is allowed access. Future digital services will do the same, making it easy for stations to adopt new offerings without additional work. 

  • Membership has its privileges. Use MVault to provide premium PBS digital offerings to your qualified members — a huge benefit as more and more people are choosing to consume content online.
  • Explore new avenues for expanding your membership base. As the digital ecosystem continues to evolve, people are using various methods of donation to support their local stations. MVault helps you tap into and stay connected to your online audience.
  • Easy set-up. Even if your technical resources are limited or non-existent, MVault is designed to be fully operational and easy for you to integrate with your existing membership management system.

Membership Vault Dashboard

The MVault Dashboard serves as a quick reference guide for station-specific membership information. Each icon represents a filter and by clicking it you can receive results pertaining to the corresponding category. For instance, if you click Activated, you will see only the memberships that have activated. Access the MVault console

aTotal Total number of membership records for your station, regardless of offer access eligibility.
bRecently AddedMembership records created in the last seven days.
cProvisionalMembers flagged for station approval. Provisional status does not affect offer access. Useful for making sure payments have gone through. You can go back and change the status if payment was rejected. If using bulk import such as Allegiance, you don't really need to use this feature.
dActivated Members who have completed the activation process.
eCurrently ActiveMembers with offer access, based on: 1) Activation Date is populated; 2) Status=On; and 3) Today's date falls within the Start and Expire dates. Note: This does not include members within Grace Period.
fExpiring SoonMemberships that will expire within the next 30 days.
g Grace Period Members within the 90-day Grace Period, following their Expire Date.
hExpiredMemberships that have passed the Expire Date.
iPossible DuplicatesMultiple memberships with matching email addresses. This often happens when bulk import (e.g.: Allegiance) is used to add contacts to MVault. It is a manual process to clean this up unless you switch to the Allegiance payment form.
jPossible Temporary Membership IDsThis is useful for stations using the PBS donation form, which generates new MVault records using “temp-id” as the temporary Membership ID prefix. 
kRecent activityA current list of the most recent activity in your station's Membership Vault account.
lAll HistoryA list of the all activity in your station's Membership Vault account.