Accessing the MVault console requires a PBS account. If you do not have a PBS Account, learn how to create one. Once logged in, use the console to manage the relationships between your members and online offers. This section demonstrates how to log in to the console and provides a quick glimpse of the console dashboard.

Logging in

Figure 1


  • Type your username and password in the textboxes provided (Figure 2.1).
  • Click Log in (Figure 2.2).
  • If you do not have an account, click Register Now (Figure 2.3).

Figure 2

  • After logging in, you are automatically directed to your station dashboard. If you have access to more than one station, click the station dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the page and click the station you want to view (Figure 3.1).
  • A status summary of all members appears in a menu at the top of the page (Figure 3.2). Click any of the icons to go to the All Members view.
  • The most recent activity appears near the bottom of the page. Click the Expiring Membership tab (Figure 3.3) to view memberships that are close to expiring. 
  • Click the All History or All Expiring Memberships link at the bottom of the table to view all History or all Expiring Memberships (Figure 3.4).
  • Use the menu links on the left side of the page to navigate to other areas of the console (Figure 3.5).

Figure 3

Logging out

  • To log out of the console, click the downward facing arrow to the right of your login and click Logout (Figure 1).

Figure 1