User TypeBehavior
ScenarioDoes user see Passport content in the general content areas of the site?Can user watch national Passport content?Can user watch local-only Passport content from station she is a member of?Screen user sees upon encountering video they cannot watch.
Passport-enabled user signed in/localized to THEIR Passport-enabled station.YYYN/A
Signed-in, Passport-enabled User localized to a Passport-enabled station to which they are NOT a member.YYNVideo Expired
User is localized to a non-Passport-enabled station.NNNVideo Expired
Non-signed-in user localized to a Passport station.YNNLocalized_To_Station_With_MVOD
Non-signed-in user localized to non-Passport station.NNNVideo Expired
Non-signed-in, non-localized user.NNNVideo Expired