The primary producer of a show. Also utilized for user account and API permissions.

Allow Player EmbedAssigned by a site admin in the Core Data tab of a Show to determine if a video can be embedded on third-party sites. If set to OFF at the Show level, all assets within the show will inherit the same setting. If set to ON, you can turn off the feature at the asset level.  
Associated FranchiseAssigned in the Core Data tab of a Show and associates a Show with a Franchise. The association surfaces in the Relationships tab in a Franchise in the Media Manager tool and associates all Franchise shows when conducting a search on A search could include a "find more Masterpiece shows" option which would find all shows associated with the same franchise.  

Restricts content to multiple stations. For instance, if WETA and MPT collaborated on a production and they only want their station members to see, they would choose WETA and MPT.

Can have one or more audience types assigned.

AvailabilityControls user access to PBS videos depending on Passport status (Learn more about Passport). Availability options for all content types and all users is controlled by settings assigned at the Show and Asset levels. Availability can be set for all users including Standard users, Passport members, or station Passport members and is offered for all content types including full episodes, clips, and previews. You can assign availability to both published and non-published assets.   
ClipAn excerpt from an episode.  
CollectionA group of episodes belonging to a series or show.

All content added to a collection must be part of the same show.

Antiques > Seattle Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3

Antiques > Junk in the Trunk

PBS NewsHour > Specials

Content rating

Assigned at the Video Asset and Extra level and determines the suitability of television programs for children, teenagers, or adults. This feature is only required according to the Require Content Rating setting in the Core Data tab of a Show.

Learn more about ratings

Content rating descriptors

Content rating descriptors are only available when a content rating has been assigned. They are added to a basic rating and indicate if a show contains violence or adult language and situations.

Learn more about ratings

Display episode numberIs set in the Core Data tab of a Show and determines if the episode number displays on  
DistributorPrimary distributor for a series.
  • Defined on the Series level
  • Can assign multiple distributors
  • Can assign years to distributors
EIDREntertainment Identifier Registry ID. A universal unique identifier system for movie and television assets that is assigned by a site admin in the Core Data tab of a ShowMore information 10.5240/XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-C
Encore DateIndicates if your video will be re-broadcast online. Automatically populated by the Premiere date and must be manually changed if the re-broadcast is at a later date than the Premiere date. Times are assigned in Eastern Standard Time (EST). 12/19/2016
EpisodeContainer object that can include multiple asset types that relate to a single episode, such as clip, preview, full episode, multiple captions (for languages), etc.

Must include ordinal, for organization

"A Scandal in Belgravia" (or "Monday, September 22, 2014")
Episode NumberThe ordinal of an episode within a season. This feature could be turned off if you want your show to only display dates, not an episode number. Newshour, who displays episodes by date, is an example of this.  
Episode - Buy DVDThe URL where your video DVD can be purchased. Can be found in the console in an Episode or Special.  
Episode - DonateThe page where people can donate to your station (Local station use only). Can be found in the console in an Episode or Special.  
Episode - iTunesThe URL where your video can be purchased in the iTunes store. Can be found in the console in an Episode or Special.  
Episode - Producer SiteA link to the full Producer site for your episode. Can be found in the console in an Episode or Special.  
ExtrasClips and previews that are associated on the show level but are not included in an episode. There are no ads associated with Extras and an Extra cannot be a full length episode. Season 4 Extras
Featured (in a Collection)Provides an opportunity for featured collections to be promoted higher on the front-end of PBS websites.  
FranchiseSeries brand/parent. Does not have any episodes of its own but can include unlimited previews and clips. Masterpiece, Ken Burns, Digital Studios, This Old House
Full episodeA video that is the "meat" of an asset; longer than a preview or clip.  
GenreShows that are characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.

Must be one of the following:

  • Arts & Music
  • Culture
  • Drama
  • Food
  • History
  • Home & How-to
  • Indie Films
  • News & Public Affairs
  • Science & Nature
Arts & Music, Culture, Drama, Food
Geo AvailabilityThe country-based regions in which the video is available for viewing. Exclude Australia
Long DescriptionA description of a franchise, show, or episode that is typically no more than 400 characters long, including spaces and appears on the asset page.Maximum 400 characters, including spaces. 
NOLA codeBroadcast code that represents a program and is assigned to every broadcast on PBS.Four letter (Franchise) or six-digit code



Object typeFull episode, Preview, or Clip.  
Ordinal SeasonA way of organizing seasons by number (Season 1, Season 2, etc) or by year (2014, 2015, etc.). Assigned by a site admin in the Core Data tab of a Show.  
One time onlyOne-off video asset. Distinguished from series in that a one time only does not have a season. It can be associated to an organization, franchise, or a series.  Mr. Stink
Partner PlayerA video player that is embedded on an external site using <iframe> code provided through Media Manager. Should be placed on a station or producer’s website. Video player stripped of all functionality except play button. Learn more  
PBS Content IDA unique PBS identifier that is assigned at the Show level.  
Platform ManagementDetermines the platforms and devices through which an asset is available. This is assigned in the Availability tab of an asset.If no platforms are selected, your asset will not appear anywhere and will only be accessible if a user has the direct URL to the object.


Partner Player

Video Portal

Premiere DateThe date your video will be broadcast. Encore date is automatically populated by the Premiere date. Times are assigned in Eastern Standard Time (EST).  
PreviewA short video showcasing the highlights of a show or episode.  
PrivateA setting that controls if a show or franchise and all of its associated assets are available for viewing. When Private is set to On, the show/franchise and its child assets will not be available on any platforms. When Private is set to Off, they will be available on all platforms. This is typically used to hide a show while you are creating episodes for the show.  
ProducerCreator and rights holder for a series
  • Defined on Series level
  • Can assign multiple producers
  • Can assign years to producers
WGBH, ITV, Jim Henson Studios
RelationshipsThe Relationships section serves as a place to keep track of which shows are associated with your franchise and any producers and distributors affiliated with your franchise's content. This field is available under Franchises and Shows.  
Remote AssetRemote assets are web objects that can render content such as webpages or static images on your website. (formerly known as web objects)  
Require Content RatingIs set at the Video Asset level and in the Core Data tab of an Extra and determines the rating of the content. The rating is only required for videos if Require Content Rating toggle is switched to ON in the Core Data tab at the Show level. View content ratings  
ResourcesResources are all of the objects available through Media Manager including Franchises, Shows, Seasons, Collections, Episodes, Specials, and Assets.  
SeasonA collection of episodes that are available within a certain time frame and comprise a segment of a show’s overall run.
  • Must be constrained to positive integers or years
  • Must include ordinal, for organization
  • Must be able to include an optional season name.
41 (or 2016)
SegmentA segment identifier for multi-part episodes. Assigned in the Core Data tab at the episode level. This is primarly used by PBS KIDS and most do not need to worry about this field.  

A group of content bound by an organizing editorial concept. When content is presented to viewers, a series ties links and content with their appropriate station or over-arching brand.

  • Can contain one or more collections

Downton Abbey, NOVA, WETA Arts

Short DescriptionA brief overview of a franchise, show, or episode that is typically no more than 90 characters long, including spaces and appears in search results.Maximum 90 characters, including spaces. 
ShowA container that can hold seasons, specials, collections, and extras. Availability can be set on shows restricting certain users from viewing show content.  
SlugA unique identifier auto-generated from the Title field of a franchise, show, episode, and asset. The slug boosts SEO and reflects website best practices.  It appears as the last half of the video URL in the browser address bar and cannot be changed in the console once the page is initially saved.  
Sortable Title   
SpecialA movie or one-time event that is associated with a show but does not fall within a season. Downtown Abbey Christmas Special
TagsKeywords assigned at the Video Asset and Extra level to help search engines find your content. Words should be separated by commas.  
TitleThe title of a show, episode, video asset, or extra that is typically no more than 256 characters, including spaces.  

Unique Gracenote identifier. This field is surfaced in the API, but is not yet populated or used by PBS digital platforms.

TopicsA legacy item used primarily by PBS KIDS, PBS Digital Studios, and some third party vendors.Topics can be surfaced in the Media Manager API. Learn more 
Viral PlayerThe Viral Player allows public users to copy video <embed> code and paste it into third-party websites (non-PBS sites). The player that shows up on the third-party site is known as the Viral Player. Learn more