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Media Manager is a content management system (CMS) used by the PBS community to publish and distribute videos across platforms. It seeks to improve the way stations, producers, and users search and view digital content, and provides the ability to organize, relate, and present it in ways that streamline searchability.

What does all of that mean? Generally speaking, it means that searching for videos on and station and producer sites is now much easier than ever. When your video is mapped properly in Media Manager, it's possible to locate it through more granular searches such as through a particular show within a season or a specific episode within a show.

Your video content can be organized within the following categories:


Some key features of Media Manager include:

  • Detailed and organized digital assets
  • New and improved console
  • Auto-detection and manual selection of time zone
  • Enhanced metadata and detailed hierarchy allowing viewers to easily find a specific episode of a show
  • Detailed presentation of shows, including season, episode, and special
  • Presentation of videos by availability (e.g.: pre-air, just-aired, Passport, expired).
  • A history feature that logs and tracks all changes in the CMS 
  • Franchise/Show genre mapping right from the console
  • Content sharing between PBS stations
  • Ability to embed video on third party websites

Data Model

The following diagram illustrates the relationship between each object in Media Manager. It shows which objects can hold clips, previews, or full length video assets and displays the relationship between franchises, shows, collections, seasons, specials, and episodes. 

Getting started

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