Resize transform refers to the process where ITS dynamically adjusts an image to a requested size while retaining the original proportions and all original content. The width and height specified in the request define a bounding box that will constrain the original image while preserving the original aspect ratio.

Requesting a larger size than the original will result in compromised image quality.  Always resize to smaller dimensions.

Ways to resize your image

ITS allows you to resize in three different ways:

  1. By width and height
  2. By height only
  3. By width only
Resize by:Example URLImage resultLearn more about this method 
Width and Height


Resize by width and height 
Height only


Resize by height only
Width onlyhttps://image.pbs.org/video-assets/GTdD9Rq-asset-mezzanine-16x9-d3h7qCm.jpg?resize=x200

Resize by width only