Format auto

Format auto returns the input image in the specified type, rather than being left as the original image type. It currently supports conversion to JPG, PNG, and WEBP.  Use the format keyword with the file extension as an argument. You can also modify the quality of the image. This comes in handy if you need to submit an image with a specific file size. 

The following is a sample string:


formatTells ITS a format transform is being requested.

Specifies the requested output type. Can be jpg, png, or webp.

Use "auto" if you want ITS to examine the image and determine what file type to return, based on the image's complexity. 

quality (optional)

Specifies the quality of the image that is returned. Currently, this parameter only works with the jpg format and accepts values from 10-100 (10 being lowest quality and 100 being highest quality).


Original Image

Image as a PNG


Image as a JPG with a quality of 20