Pulling images from ITS is easy.  ITS acts as a standard HTTP server to deliver images, but does so via the CDN to ensure speedy delivery.

The following is the format for an ITS image: http://image.pbs.org/<namespace>/<file path>/<file name>

Where <namespace> is the configuration provided by PBS to contain all your images.  And <file path> and <file name> point to the specific file.

An example file in the ITS demo area is: http://image.pbs.org/demo/demo1.jpg.  Note the namespace is called ‘demo’ and the file is merely ‘demo1.jpg’.

When using ITS as an image proxy (as shown in ITS Integration Method 1 in the How to Use ITS section), you might have a large number of images on your existing side.  Let’s take a hypothetical example:

Images on www.localstation.org might include:


In order to use ITS, all references on www.localstation.org to these images would be:


If you are using ITS to host your images (as shown in ITS Integration Method 2 in the How to Use ITS  section), then the ITS API will provide the direct links to the files.