Bounding box The area that constrains the size of an image. Example: 400 pixels wide by 200 pixels high.


Image Transformation Service.

ITS Storage

The image receptacle hosted by PBS.


Content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN).  A system of computers containing copies of data placed at various nodes of a network.


A series of parameters appended to the end of a url string to enable resize functionality.  Example: .resize.380x212.jpg


The url indicator that tells ITS a resize is being requested and to crop the image according to the bounding box dimensions. The crop feature crops an image from the center of the image. Learn more 

.focalcropThe url indicator that tells ITS an image should be resized and cropped from an assigned focal point. Learn more


The numerical value for the desired height of the resized image.  Example (height is in bold): resize.400x100.jpg

.jpg / .png / webp

The file extensions supported by ITS.  The file extension should be written after the original image path and at the end of the decorator.  Example (in bold):  http://image.pbs.org/demo/filename.jpg.resize.380x212.jpg

Managed Image

An image hosted by ITS.

Mezzanine Image

A very large, high resolution image that is at least 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high with a 16:9 ratio. 


A logical grouping of image files and where those files are located.  Must be requested from a PBS User. 


The url indicator that tells ITS a resize is being requested and to keep the image aspect ratio intact.  Example: resize.400x100.jpg


The numerical value for the desired width of the resized image. Example (width is in bold): resize.400x100.jpg