How to search

When users conduct a keyword search on, several of the fields you completed when creating a Resource are queried.  Results are returned based on the selected fields.  This section explains which fields are indexed when users conduct a keyword search.

Fields that are searched

The following fields are indexed when a user conducts a search on

  • Grades
  • Media type
  • Language
  • Standards
  • Poster image
  • URL
  • Short description
  • Title
  • Accessibility
  • Permitted use
  • Supplemental standards nodes (what's this?)

Where fields surface

  • Number of results (1)
  • Poster image (2)
  • Title (3)
  • Short description (4)
  • Media type (5)
  • Grades (6)
  • Brand (7)


Keywords are carefully selected words that are descriptive of your content and are terms that users might type into the keyword searchbox when looking for specific content.  Adding keywords that are relevant to your content is very important.  If you have the right keywords your content can more easily be found by those searching for information on that topic.

The following are some tips to help you decide what keywords to include in your resource.

  • Use words and phrases that are specific to your content.
  • Think like a user to determine which words they might use to search for your particular resource.
  • Use very general keywords to reach a wider searching audience.
  • Use keywords that are more unique to your specific content if you believe users might use those keywords in a search.
  • Be creative, but be choosy.  Do not throw every word you think of on the page.
  • Try not to target keyword phrases that are too competitive.  Terms that are too general may get your page lost in search results.
  • Add unusual words that are associated with your content if you think people might search on those terms but include them sparingly.
  • Be sure your keywords are also included somewhere in the content of your resource.
  • Be conscious of word variants and word order (grey cat walking vs. walking grey cats)