There are a couple of different ways you can view all the content you have in PBS LearningMedia.  Each view displays all content that has been added - both published and unpublished.

The difference between the two views lies mainly in the amount of data you wish to view.  The activity table surfaces all of the content within your entire organization while the content project view displays only content within each individual content project.   

Activity table 

What is the activity table?

After logging on to the LearningMedia CMS, the Activity table displays a current record of all content that has been added to your organization (learn how to view content by content project).  Features include:   

  • status, date of creation, title, and media type
  • item sorting
  • keyword search 

Where is the activity table?

The link to the activity table can be found on the left side navigation menu under the Content section. 

What can I do with the activity table?

The activity table holds all of the content available in your organization. It is the place to go to begin creating items and uploading media and provides search capabilities to find content fast. The steps below provide a general overview on how to find your way around the activity table.  

  • From the left side navigation menu, in the Content section, click Activity (Figure 1.1).
  • All of the objects unique to your organization appear (Figure 1.2). Click the titles and Content Projects links to view.  Sort results by date and media type.
  • Pagination is available at the bottom of each page (Figure 1.3).  Pagination is dependent on the number of results.
  • Click the filters at the top of the page to drill down into the search results (Figure 1.4).
  • Click Generate Report to run your report (Figure 1.5).
  • Click the dropdown menus at the top right side of the page to upload audio, document, image, video, and bulk CSV files and create users, assets, and resources (Figure 1.6). 

Figure 1


Content project

Each piece of your PBS LearningMedia content should belong to a specific content project (Learn more about content projects).  You can view all content within specific content projects.

  • From the left side navigation menu, click the left arrow next to Content (Figure 1.1) to expand the section then click the left arrow next to Content Projects (Figure 1.2) to expand the section and view all of your content projects.
  • Click the content project that holds the content you want to view (Figure 1.3).

Figure 1