The media file is the first element you should create when creating a resource. It is the actual content of your resource, the piece of media people view or listen to.

Media types

The following are the different types of media that can be added and the label under which they should be added in the CMS:

Media NameDescriptionMedia Type
MediasContent that is attached to the asset and resides on the PBS LearningMedia website.





PointersContent that resides outside of the PBS LearningMedia website and is accessed by a redirect using the pointer asset.


Web page


Content that is authored and served on the Interactive Lesson Content Management System (IL CMS), a platform managed by WGBH, separate from PBS LearningMedia (PBSLM) and the PBSLM CMS.

Interactive Lesson Platform

How to add multiple languages

If more than one language is represented in your resource, create a separate media file for each language. For instance, if you have an English language resource and a Spanish language version of the same resource, create two media files, one for English and one Spanish. See where alternate languages appear on the resource

How to add media

Learn how to add each of these media types: