• If your logo has both a horizontal and vertical version, choose the one that works best at a smaller size.
  • Remove all unnecessary elements while still retaining the integrity of the logo.  The less clutter the better your logo will appear.

Logo templates

For your convenience, use the following PSD files to begin your logo creation.  You must have an application such as Photoshop to work with the files.

How to create a logo in Photoshop

  • Open Photoshop and create a new file.  Type 250 in the Width textbox and 150 in the Height textbox (Figure 1.1).  (warning) Be sure each dimension is set to Pixels.
  • Click the Color Mode dropdown menu and click Transparent (Figure 1.2).

Figure 1

  • Create a guide that is five (5) pixels from each edge of the canvas (Figure 2).

Figure 2

  • Open your logo resource file (Figure 3).  (warning) Your original file should have a transparent background.

Figure 3


  • Click and drag the logo to the center of the canvas.  Scale the logo until it touches the edge of the guides that you set in Figure 2 (Figure 4). Do not go past the guide lines.

Figure 4


  • In the toolbar at the top of the page click File then click Save for Web (Figure 5).

Figure 5

  • Be sure the preset is png-24 and transparent is selected (Figure 6.1). (warning) Be sure to save the image as transparent.
  • Be sure the image size is 250 pixels wide by 150 pixels high (Figure 6.2).
  • When you are finished, click Save (Figure 6.3).

Figure 6