The purpose of this checklist is to help make sure you are including all necessary information in the correct format when submitting content to PBS LearningMedia.  Be sure to follow these guidelines and click each corresponding link to learn more about any area.

The checklist

Section  Requirements
  • The short description and learning objective contain 250 characters or less.
  • The long description contains 650 characters or less.
  • Each resource has been aligned to the curriculum to the deepest node possible. Learn more about curriculum hierarchy 
  • Support materials are included for each resource (if possible). Learn more about support materials
  • Be sure you have selected the correct rights and clearances for each resource.  Learn more about rights and clearances
  • If you have added pointer assets (a pointer asset is any asset in PBS LearningMedia that links to an external website), be sure all functionality and navigation within the third party site is working properly.
  • Sensitive materials have been flagged and labeled appropriately.  Assign content flags during resource creation to designate material that is classified as cautionary.
  • Adhere to all Closed Captions guidelines. See closed caption guidelines
  • All attributions have been noted appropriately (funder, producer credits, etc.). Learn more about attribution logos
  • All metadata has been proofread and edited for grammar, mechanics, and spelling.  (warning) When metadata is being copy and pasted, please review carefully to confirm that all text is pasted correctly.
  • Learn more about metadata

Technical and Design

  • Resources meet technical and design criteria as described in the Media Format Guidelines. View media format guidelines   
  • External resources and links are in working order and are appropriate for general audience consumption. 
  • All media files within resources are matched with the correct titles and descriptions.


  • Video file is mezzanine quality (5Mbps).
  • If mezzanine is not available, web delivery quality is used (448Kbps).
  • Video plays back with no errors and contains user controls.
  • All media plays or downloads with no errors.
  • See media format guidelines

Asset Images

  • In .png or .jpg format with good quality compression.
  • Can be any aspect ratio but must be at least 1024 pixels wide.
  • All media displays or downloads with no errors.
  • See media format guidelines

Poster Images (required)

  • Must have 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Ideal resolution: 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high.
  • Minimum resolution: 960 pixels wide by 540 pixels high.
  • For videos, use a representative frame from the video.
  • For documents and audio, use a representative image or icon.
  • All media displays or downloads with no errors.
  • See media format guidelines



  • Audio file is mezzanine quality (192 Kbps). 
  • If mezzanine is not available, web delivery (48Kbps) is acceptable.
  • Provide transcript in DFXP format (SAMI, SCC, and SRT are also acceptable).
  • All media plays or downloads with no errors.
  • See media format guidelines
  • Submit documents in the following formats:
    • DOC (Microsoft Word)/DOCX
    • TXT (Text)
    • PDF (Adobe's Portable Document Format) – preferable for printouts
    • XLS (Excel)
  • All media displays or downloads with no errors.
  • See media format guidelines


  • Submit as a vector image (ie: .ai).
  • Include at least one logo per resource.
  • All brand logos are in color and all other logos are grayscale.
  • All media displays or downloads with no errors.
  • Learn more about logos