The Social Media Hashtags Collection displays up to seven (7) Twitter hashtags, giving users the ability to follow and tweet about your show.

Only one Social Media Hashtags collection can be added to your Show page. You can add up to seven (7) hashtags in one collection.


Required specs
Where it appears
HashtagText - Valid Twitter hashtag


How to implement the Social Media Hashtags Collection

  • From the main Show Collections page, click PBS.org Show Social Media Hashtags (Figure 1).

Figure 1

  • Click the green Add Schedule button to add the day and time you want your Social Media Hashtag Collection to go live (Figure 2.1).
  • The current date displays on the right side of the page (Figure 2.2). You will have a chance to change this once you are in the Collection.

Figure 2

  • Click inside the date textbox to bring up the calendar (Figure 3.1).
  • The current date is denoted by a blue tickmark (Figure 3.2).
  • Click the date you want your Social Media Hashtags displayed on your site. The date turns blue indicating that it has been selected (Figure 3.3).
  • Click the timestamp at the bottom of the calendar to adjust the time you want your Social Media Hashtags Collection to go live on your site (Figure 3.4).

Figure 3

  • Click the up and down arrows to adjust the hour and minutes that you want your collection to display (Figure 4.1).
  • When finished, click Add (Figure 4.2).

Figure 4

  • The date and time that your collection will display on your site displays at the top of the screen and indicates that it is in Draft mode (Figure 5.1). This means it is not yet published and not live and can still be modified or deleted. 
  • Click Add Item to add your first hashtag (Figure 5.2). 

Figure 5

  • Type the official Twitter hashtag in the textbox provided (Figure 6.1). This must match the handle exactly or the hashtag will not work.
  • When finished, click Add Hashtag (Figure 6.2).

Figure 6

  • Your first hashtag displays. Click Add Item to add another or click Save to publish your collection (Figure 7.1).

You can add up to seven (7) hashtags.

Figure 7

  • After saving, your collection is Published. To make the Collection live, right click your mouse and click Reload or click refresh in your browser toolbar.
  • Your collection displays LIVE and the date and time when it is ready to go live on your site (Figure 8).

This Collection will display on your site at the day and time you designated in Steps 3 and 4.

Figure 8

  • When the date and time specified in Steps 3 and 4 arrives, your Social Media Hashtags collection will appear on the Social Media module on your Show page (Figure 9).

Figure 9