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Show collections are bundles of information about shows that you want to feature on your website. Show information can include full color photos, descriptions, broadcast information, website information, as well as social media features. 

Show collections

  • Broadcast Information - Display the date and time that your show is broadcast. 
  • Carousel - Rotate between five large images to entice users to click and learn more about your show. 
  • Flexible Promo - Feature a non-video component on your site.
  • Official Website - Display a prominent image and link letting users click through to your show's official website.
  • Social Media Hashtags - Let users follow your show on Twitter and tweet about your show.

Favorite a collection

You can easily access your most frequently modified collections right from your Curate homepage. For instance, if you want to switch out your Roku videos, click your Roku collection and click Add to Favorites at the top of the screen. Your collection will be available from the Favorite Collections link on your Curate homepage. Learn how to favorite a collection

Show console

Begin adding content to your Show page by going to the Show curate console. You must have a PBS account to use Curate. 

Show workflow

When you create a Show collection, your collection assumes three states throughout the workflow:

  1. Draft - When you've created and scheduled a collection and have clicked Save, your collection is in DRAFT mode. Everything in your collection can be modified while in Draft mode.
  2. Published - Clicking Save on the main collection screen puts your collection into the Published state. Published is the last step before it goes live. You can still modify your collection in Published mode.
  3. Live - Refresh the page to make your collection Live. When your Collection is live it appears on your website. You can no longer make edits to the collection when it is live.

Show quick guide

Please reference the chart below to learn where each collection surfaces on your show's site. Each collection, along with a brief description, specs, and an assigned color code, is listed in the table. Scroll down the page to view a sample Show page graphic with each collection outlined in its assigned color.

Hero Carousel
  • A Show Admin may select up to five videos to appear in the carousel.
    • The image, logo, title, content type, and total run time are automatically pulled from Media Manager – you just select the video.
  • The module falls back to displaying the most recent five episodes from a given Show if nothing is curated.
Broadcast Information
  • A Show Admin provides information about when the show is broadcast.
    • Possibilities include weekly NPS time slot, the season premiere date, or the season (Coming Summer 2016).
  • The open text field is limited to 30 characters, including spaces.

Official Website Module

  • Show Admins may program a link, text, and image to drive traffic to the producer site
    • Text is limited to 54 characters, including spaces.
    • The image has a minimum size of 264 x 168 px, and a maximum size of 822 x 523 px.
    • The image and text both link to a URL that you provide.
Popular Hashtags
  • If the show has a social media component (i.e., if the show has either an official Twitter handle or a PBS-approved hashtag for the @PBS twitter handle).
Flexible Promo Module
  • Provides opportunity to highlight non-video content on producer sites.
  • The module allows for the following fields:
    • Content Type: 30 characters, including spaces (Note: This is what reads "PHOTO GALLERY" in the example)
    • Curated Image: minimum 369 x 240 px; max: 632 x 411 px.
    • Title: 40 characters, including spaces.
    • Description: 314 characters, including spaces.
    • Call to action: 24 characters, including spaces.
    • URL to your site.

Non-Curate Show page elements

Carousel Videos

The videos reside in Media Manager but are selected in Curate.


Description text comes from your content channel or your asset.


Funder/Underwriting Text

Funder/Underwriting text can come from your Show or Asset.


All videos are automatically pulled from Media Manager.