This collection is to be used by PBS admins only. Please submit a help desk ticket to request that your station image be added to your site.


The Station Scenery image should provide a little local flavor to your station site. If you are a station near a beach community, perhaps you'd like to use an image of sailboats or the beach. If you are a station whose main audience lives in mountainous communities, you may want to use an image of a mountain or a forest.

The Station Scenery image appears on your station site in browsers and is automaticaly resized to appear in over-the-top devices such as:

  • Apple TV
  • tvOS
  • Roku
  • Android TV/Fire TV
  • Android mobile/tablet
  • iOS mobile/tablet

In the future, the image will also display on Apple TV. 


Item Type
Additional Parameter
File type


Station Landmark ImageImage1280x12801280x1280Only available to Super UserJPG  


  • Include an iconic image that provides a sense of place.
  • Use an image that is as high-resolution as possible (1280x1280).
  • Be sure your image has a scrolling effect. In other words, include an image that will look okay even as a user scrolls past it. (Do not include an image that is mostly sky)
  • Do not include additional graphics or text on your image.
  • Be mindful of the seasons.