The Homepage Hero Carousel places one station-focused carousel slide in the carousel on the PBS.org homepage. Use this slide to showcase your station's programming or something about your station that you want to highlight. The Homepage Hero Carousel is a combination of four national carousel slides and one station carousel slide.  

The HomePage Hero Carousel item appears as the third item in the PBS.org carousel rotation.


The Homepage Hero Carousel slide appears as the third slide in the carousel rotation. The animated image below displays the four national slides and the third slide that is produced by this collection.

Image and text requirements

FieldItem TypeMaxMinAdditional ParametersFile typeRequired ((tick) = Yes (error) = No)Where it appears

Hero Image


(Retina): 2560 x 995.56

Place essential text and imagery in the top two thirds of the image. See how your image is cropped on different devices


Aspect Ratio: 16:9

No Text

Show LogoImage1000 x 500 (resized down)140x70

Aspect Ratio: 2:1

Transparent PNG


One of these two is required

TitleOpen Text30 Characters, including spaces   
SubtitleOpen Text30 characters including spaces(error)(error)(error)(error)
DescriptionOpen Text82 characters including spaces(error)


Call to Action Text 1Open Text44 characters including spaces(error)(error)(error)(error)

Call to Action Link 1URL (error)(error)(error)(error)
Call to Action Text 2Open Text44 characters including spaces(error)(error)(error)(error)

Call to Action Link 2URL (error)(error)(error)(error)
Call to Action Text 3Open Text44 characters including spaces(error)(error)(error)(error)

Call to Action Link 3URL (error)(error)(error)(error)

How to program your HomePage Hero Carousel Collection

  • From the main Collections page, click PBS.org HomePage HeroCarousel (Figure 1).

Figure 1

  • The current date displays on the right side of the page (Figure 2.1)
  • Click Add Schedule (Figure 2.2).

Figure 2

  • To change the date and time, click the textbox (Figure 3.1).
  • Click the date on the calendar that you want your schedule to go live (Figure 3.2). The selected date turns blue.
  • Click the timestamp at the bottom to adjust the hour and minute that you want your schedule to go live (Figure 3.3).

Figure 3

  • Time is presented in military time. Click the up and down arrows to adjust the time (Figure 4.1).
  • When finished, click Add (Figure 4.2).

Figure 4

  • Your schedule is ready to create and is in Draft mode (Figure 5.1).
  • Click Add Item to add your Homepage Hero Carousel item (Figure 5.2).

Figure 5

  • In the Hero Image section, click the dotted outlined box to select an image from your computer or drag an image from your computer into the box (Figure 6.1).
  • In the Choose Title or Logo section, click either the title radio button to type a title for your Collection (max: 30 characters) or click the logo radio button to select a show logo (Figure 6.2).
  • In the Subtitle textbox, type supporting text for your title (max: 30 characters) and type the full URL of the page to which the text should click (Figure 6.3).
  • In the Description textbox, type some text (max: 82 characters) that gives users an idea of what they will find if they click through to the content (Figure 6.4).
  • In each Call to Action textbox, type a short phrase (max: 44 characters) and a corresponding URL to offer your users even more content from the Hero Carousel (Figure 6.5). You can add a maximum of 3 items.
  • When finished, click Save (Figure 6.6).

Figure 6

  • Your Homepage Hero Carousel is populated and in Draft mode (Figure 7.1).
  • To edit or remove any of your collection items, use the Edit and Remove buttons located on the right side of the page to the right of each item (Figure 7.2).
  • Click Save to put your collection into a Published mode (Figure 7.3).

Figure 7

  • Refresh the page to make your collection live (Figure 8.1).You can refresh the page by right clicking your mouse and selecting "Reload" or by clicking the refresh icon in your browser. After you refresh the page, the collection will go live on your site on the date and time you set in steps 3 and 4 arrive.
  • To make changes or arrange a future schedule, click Edit and Replace (Figure 8.2).

Figure 8

  • Your Homepage Hero Carousel appears as the third carousel item on your site (Figure 9).

Figure 9