There is a new and improved Curate in town!

We have released a new version of Curate that has many of the features you are already familiar with, as well as new functionality, all wrapped in a streamlined interface and an easy-to-use console.

Get started by taking a peek at the documentation


As a digital media-focused broadcaster, PBS requires a single tool to program content across its various properties, including browser-based experiences, mobile apps, and OTT devices. Curate is the solution. Curate provides robust content scheduling and curation tools, empowering users to surface content that will engage visitors. Curate provides a simple admin interface for stations and producers. Content can be programmed in advance and targeted by product. The tool is positioned to manage the content that surfaces on and will eventually replace Merlin- and COVE API-based curation. 

You will need to use Media Manager to upload video and create remote assets (this link will take you to the Media Manager user manual).

Who can use Curate?

Curate comes with an administrative dashboard, or console, that is used to add all of your site content. To gain access to the console, please submit a support ticket

If you already have access to the console, start using Curate now.