The Station Shows List provides a way to add menu links to shows on your local station portal on PBS.org. The first six menu items appear when a visitor to your site hovers over the Shows link in the top navigation menu. 

All of the items that you add to your Station Shows List appear on devices and applications such as Roku Local Shows, Android TV Home screen, iOS/Android localized programs, and the Android TV programs page.  

How to find this collection on PBS.org

Hover your mouse over Shows (1) in the top menu and the Station Shows List displays in the FROM [ STATION NAME ] section in the dropdown menu (2).


How to schedule the Station Shows List collection

  • From the main Collections menu, click Station Shows List (Figure 1).

Figure 1

  • The default screen shows the current date (Figure 2.1).
  • If you do not have this collection scheduled for the current day, a message stating so appears on the page (Figure 2.2). If there is a collection scheduled for the current day, the collection will appear.
  • Click the blue Schedule button on the right side of the page to schedule the date and time you want your collection to appear on your site (Figure 2.3).

Figure 2

  • When the calendar appears, click the left and right facing arrows to scroll through each month (Figure 3.1).
  • Click the date on the calendar that you want the collection displayed on your site (Figure 3.2).
  • Click the timestamp at the bottom of the calendar to adjust the hour and minute you want the collection to go live on your site (Figure 3.3).
  • You can also manually type the date and time in the textbox that displays the current assigned date and time (Figure 3.4). Time is presented in military timeBe sure to follow the proper format!
  • When finished, click Save (Figure 3.5).

Figure 3

  • In the Select a Show textbox, begin typing the name of the first show you want to add (Figure 4.1).
  • As you type, the name of the show will appear in blue. When it appears, click the name of the show (Figure 4.2).

Figure 4

  • Once you've clicked the name of the show, all of the fields populate with information that is stored in Media Manager (Figure 5.1). 
  • The poster image for the show is also added automatically (Figure 5.2).
  • Click Add Item & Save to add this item and save the page or click Add Another to save this item and add another item (Figure 5.3).

Figure 5

  • Once the collection is saved, you can still edit (Figure 6.1) or remove items (Figure 6.2). 
  • Click the poster image to drag the item to a new spot and reorder the items (Figure 6.3).
  • When finished, click Leave for Later to send the collection to Temporary Draft mode to work on later, Add Another Item to add another item to this collection, or Save to save your collection item and put it in Scheduled mode (Figure 6.4). When the collection is in Temporary Draft mode it will not go live. 

Figure 6

  • After saving, your schedule is in Scheduled mode which means it will go live when the date and time assigned in Figure 3 arrives (Figure 7). Click the  icon to expand the collection and review. 

Figure 7

  • When the assigned date and time arrives, a Live icon appears next to the date and time, indicating that the schedule is live on your site (Figure 8).

Figure 8

  • The collection appears on your site when a user hovers their mouse over Shows (Figure 9).

Figure 9

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