You can copy a schedule regardless of its state (Live, Published, Draft).


When creating schedules for your content, you'll often want to use some of the same items again in a future schedule. The copy feature allows you to duplicate all items in a schedule then delete, add, or modify items to create a new schedule. You can copy schedules when they are in temporary draft, scheduled, or live mode. 

How to copy a schedule

  • From a schedule that is in temporary draft, scheduled, or live mode, click the Actions button (Figure 1.1) and click Copy Schedule (Figure 1.2).

Figure 1

  • Click the date and time to bring up the calendar (Figure 2.1). 
    • You can manually type the date and time in the textbox that displays the current assigned date and time. Time is presented in military timeBe sure to follow the proper format!
  • Click the left and right facing arrows to scroll through each month (Figure 2.2).
  • Click the date on the calendar that you want your collection displayed on your site (Figure 2.3).
  • Click the timestamp at the bottom of the calendar to adjust the hour and minute you want your collection to go live on your site (Figure 2.4).
  • When finished, click Save (Figure 2.5).

Figure 2

  • The schedule has been copied and is in Temporary Draft mode (Figure 3.1). 
  • Use the Edit (Figure 3.2) and Delete (Figure 3.3) buttons to the left of each item to modify or delete schedule items.

Figure 3

  • When you've finished making changes, click Save (Figure 4).

Figure 4