TermDefinitionWhere it surfaces
Broadcast informationProvides users information on when to watch a show. Is visible on Show pages beneath the hero carousel image.
Delete ScheduleAn action that allows you to delete the currently programmed schedule.
Flexible Promo module

CollectionsA programmable bundle of content that corresponds to a module on your website.
Copy ScheduleAn action that allows you to duplicate a list or schedule.
Custom objectsBundle carousel.
Incomplete (formerly Draft)All required fields have not been completed in a schedule and the schedule will not become live.
ItemA building block of a schedule. Items can be a video or a short piece of text. Items are combined to make up a module.
LiveA schedule is currently live.
Scheduled (formerly Published)A collection that has been saved to the server and will go live at the selected date/time.
ShowFormally known as "Program." Examples include Masterpiece, American Experience.
ScheduleA time-based building block used to determine the day and time your elements should surface on your site. Use the calendar to modify the date and time. A schedule appears until a new schedule takes its place.N/A
Temporary Draft (formerly Draft)A status of a collection when the “Leave for Later” button is selected. Saves the schedule to your local/browser storage only, not to the server, which means it will not go live until scheduled.
VideoA video file. Video files need to be created in Media Manager.
Station Collections
Newsletter Station ContentPopulates a newsletter that is sent the last day of each month with a station's local content and support messaging.


PBS.org HomePage HeroCarouselA series of five large images that represent shows. Stations can program one of the five carousel objects to be specific to their station.

PBS.org Local Passport Videos

PBS.org Station LinksStation-specific links that appear in the station section of your site as well as in the dropdown menu from your station logo at the top of the site. Links can include things like Donate, Contact Us, and membership information.

PBS.org Videolanding Local VideosStations can feature up to eight videos on their Video Landing Carousel.

Station Shows List

Station Video Portal Carousel

Station Video Portal Homepage Carousel

Show collections
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PBS.org Show Broadcast Information

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