Any page, despite its status, can be edited at any time and even pages that become unpublished can be retrieved for future use. A deleted page, however, is deleted forever.

Your Bento pages can have the following status:



An unpublished page that can be edited but not seen on your live site.


An unpublished page that is scheduled to be published at a specific date and time, at which point it will be seen by anyone who visits your site.


A page that has been published and is live on your site.


A page that has been removed and is no longer visible on your site. 

Page guidelines

  • A page can have multiple versions.

  • There can be only one published, scheduled and draft version of a page.

  • You can a page's history and revert back to any version if necessary. Think of this as an undo for page updates.

How to view page versions

The page versioning selector dropdown menu allows you to navigate to the recent versions of a page’s Scheduled, Published or Draft version. The selector is included on each page of your site and the data reflects the final save of the page you are currently viewing. To view the statistics for another page, go to that page and use the page version selector. See below for instructions on where to locate and how to use the page versioning feature.

  • At the top of your Bento page, click the dropdown menu to the left of the History link (Figure 1).

Figure 1

  • The date and time the current draft was last edited displays, as well as the last time the page was published (Figure 2). The current version being worked on will always be prefaced by [Current Version].

Figure 2