General Information

 What is Bento 3.0?

Bento is a content management system (CMS) that provides an extensive suite of web components that can be leveraged by stations and producers to make websites and pages. A key objective of Bento is to help free stations and producers up to focus on content creation and production, by offering tools that reduce technical and operational expenses related to web site management. Bento 3.0 offers stations and producers a robust website management tool that is integrated with other PBS Digital products and services such as Media Manager and TV Schedules

 What features are available in Bento 3.0?

The Bento 3.0 feature set is robust and flexible, allowing you to customize your site with PBS-supported tools. See a full list of components here

 How customizable is Bento 3.0?

With a layout-based admin, you can easily leverage visual and live-editing tools to create unique looking websites. Some custom features include:

  • Custom stylesheets applied using the embed component
  • Different section layouts on the same page (example: a one column and three column layout on the same page)
  • Integrations with other content partners and data resources such as NPR, Social Media platforms, Media Manager and Curate 
 Is Bento ADA compliant?

Bento 3.0 offers in its console the ability for creators of sites to implement ADA compliant features, such as closed captions, ALT tags, etc. It is up to the creator of the Bento site to implement these features and present an ADA compliant site.


 Can I copy a page?

Outside of copying and pasting content, there is currently there is no ability to copy the content of a page to a new page. This is a feature currently being developed so stay tuned!

 Can I password protect pages in Bento?

Currently there is no ability to password protect pages in Bento. You can keep a page in the unpublished mode so that it's not visible to the public but as far as putting live pages behind a log in, Bento does not offer that. Learn more about page versioning


 How can I tell which components are on my site?

When looking at your Bento page in the console, click the cog icon at the top of the component. The component name displays in the left hand column.

Migration and Support

 What kind of admin support will be available for Bento 3.0?

Please check out the support portal first, if your question is not answered there, submit a ticket.

Staying Connected

 How do I stay in-the-know on topics related to Bento 3.0?