Disqus (http://www.disqus.com) is an online commenting system that allows easy integration of advanced commenting features into existing sites and blogs. In addition to advanced social media features, the tool provides PBS and member stations with a unified commenting user-experience and common functionality across multiple sites. 

Please submit a support ticket to request that Disqus be implemented on your website. PBS will email you the information you need to access Disqus services and implement the component on your site.


How to implement Disqus Commenting

Please submit a support ticket to request to have Disqus implemented on your website. PBS will email you the information you need to access Disqus services and implement the component on your site.

  • In a block of the content section of your website (not the header or footer), add a block or click the plus sign to add a component (Figure 1).

Figure 1

  • Click the default component to bring up the list of available components (Figure 2).

Figure 2

  • Click the component dropdown menu and click Explorer Station Disqus Commenting (Figure 3).

Figure 3

  • In the DISQUS_Forum_Shortname textbox, type the short name that you assigned to your site on the Disqus site (Figure 4.1). 
  • Click Save (Figure 4.2).

Figure 4

  • Click Save to save your page and click Preview to view the Disqus component in a browser (Figure 7).

Figure 5

  • The Disqus Commenting custom component displays on the page (Figure 6). When people comment, the comments will appear beneath the textbox.

Figure 6

Key User-Facing Functionality 

  • Integration with popular social networks including Facebook and Twitter to allow comments to move freely;
  • Email subscriptions to comments for users in order to drive them back to your site whenever someone replies to their message;
  • Submitted comments update in real-time without refreshing;
  • Sentiment and Popularity tracking so that the “best” comments float to the top;
  • Able to pull in conversations happening about your content from across the social web including Twitter and many other sites;
  • Users may "Like" comments;
  • If a user places a link to YouTube or Flickr in their comment, the image or video automatically embeds and displays in the comment;
  • Integration of PBS Account support - users may optionally signup or login using their PBS Account and carry the same login between local and national instances of Disqus.

Key Moderation Tools and Options 

  • User flagging of inappropriate comments, with automatic removal after multiple flags;
  • Sentiment analysis detects negative or troll-like behavior and auto-moderates such comments and users;
  • Automated spam and profanity filtering;
  • Moderate comments from your site’s front-end or via moderation panel;
  • Most Popular Comments widget;
  • Most Recent Comments widget;
  • CSS Control over look and feel;
  • Email notifications for moderators;
  • Ability to Delegate and/or add multiple moderators per site section;
  • API to custom interface development;
  • Translates into 40 languages.