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Bento is a content management system (CMS) that provides stations and producers the ability to make full websites or microsites. A key objective of Bento is to save time and resources by offering tools that reduce technical and operational expenses related to website management so more effort can be directed towards creating content. Bento is integrated with PBS Digital products and services, such as Media Manager and TV Schedules, allowing you to easily add PBS content to your site.

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How it works

Bento pages are created through a combination of blocks and components. Blocks are page sections that can be formatted to accommodate various page layouts. Components are containers that are placed inside blocks and hold content. You can include an unlimited number of blocks on your page and each block can contain an unlimited number of components. Learn more about building pages

About this manual

This user manual is designed for everyone who wants to use Bento to create or maintain a PBS station or producer website. Whether you are new to Bento and creating a site for the first time, or are an experienced Bento user who wants to refresh your current site, the Bento user manual holds all of the answers you'll need as you work with the tool.

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Adding PBS videos to your site? You must have a Media Manager API key in order to access PBS video content. Click here to request a Media Manager API key and secret


If you are more of a "watch the movie" instead of "read the book" type of person, browse our collection of video tutorials.

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