AIMAvail / Interstitial Manager. The tool that makes it possible to insert an interstitial into an avail on your station's linear stream.
AvailThe 65-second time period in the linear stream at which a station can traffick its own interstitial. Also known as a time slot or slot.
CampaignA bundle of pods. Learn more
DMADesignated Market Area. A region where the population can receive the same (or similar) media offerings, such as television broadcasts.
ElementA building block of a pod. A pod comprises multiple elements. Learn more about pods
MSOMultiple System Operator. Operator of multiple cable or direct-broadcast satellite television systems.
PBS AccountA unique PBS profile that allows a user to maintain a singular identity across all PBS ecosystems.
PodThe 65-second video, and its associated metadata, assigned to a slot. Learn more
RuleThe mechanism by which pods are assigned to slots/avails. Learn more
ScheduleThe various views showing all pods and campaigns assigned to the slots/avails. 
SlotInterchangeable with avail. It is the 65-second section of the linear stream when a station can insert its own interstitial content.