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Welcome to the PBS public documentation space! 

Bento, COVE....what does it all mean?  You have found the place that holds all the answers. The documentation space provides a gateway to quickly access instructional and informational guides for all of the tools PBS creates for stations and producers.  All publicly available API code can be found here, too. Click the links below to get started and be sure to bookmark this page for future use.

Be sure you are using the latest tools! Take a look at the PBS tools being phased out

User Guides

 Bento 2.0

 What is Bento?

Use Bento to create and maintain websites using a combination of templates, stylesheets, plugins, and smart snippets. Learn more


 What is COVE?

Publish and distribute videos across many platforms right from your desktop using COVE (Comprehensive Online Video Ecosystem). Learn more


 What is Curate?

Curate is a robust content scheduling and curation tool that allows users to surface content that will engage visitors. Learn more


 What is Merlin?

Merlin is a comprehensive database of metadata (a metabase) about content from throughout the Public Television system. The Merlin database allows PBS, stations, and producers to easily add and manage content for promotion across all PBS properties. Learn more


PBS LearningMedia

 What is PBS LearningMedia?

PBS LearningMedia™ harnesses the best of public media and provides educators instant access to tens of thousands of classroom-ready, digital resources. The PBS LearningMedia CMS allows contributors to independently add content to the LearningMedia repository. Learn more

Membership Vault (Passport)

 What is Membership Vault?

Membership Vault (MVault) is a membership registry that enables you to easily provide your members conditional access to premium PBS Passport digital features.  Learn more

 Station Manager

 What is Station Manager?

Station Manager is a repository for station metadata which can be administered by station users via a console and API. Learn more

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